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Introducing Sacred Bee Cards at Just Write Arts

We would like to introduce you to Pamela Zagarenski … artist, illustrator and creator of SACREDBEE greeting cards.

We just loved Pamela Zagarenski’s cards so much that we had to have them in our shop. They are whimsical, positive and carry a nice message.

In the artist’s own words: “I started SACREDBEE with the idea of creating images and words together that could be shared. Like the Tear’s of Ra that fell to the earth and turned into bees, that then pollinated the entire world … We believe in choosing words that encourage, promote peace, love and have lasting meaning. We believe in caring about each other, future generations and our incredibly diverse planet, including all of its creatures feathered, furred, finned, winged, four-legged and two … This is why I love art and illustrating and books. They are my magic. They are the vehicle by which I grow and learn. About myself and about the mystery of life itself.”

Come in and experience the beauty of her cards at our shop in Los Gatos. (NOTE: Images are © Pamela Zagarenski.)

(408) 402-5413 • OPEN: Tue-Sat 10-5 • Sun 11-5 • Closed Mondays

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