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WHEN YOU LOVE A DOG: When you love a dog, there is always someone at home waiting to greet you with wide eyes and an open heart. Life is filled with belly rubs, quiet walks, and shared moments that remind you how good it feels to be loved. This book is a celebration of all the little delights that make having a dog in your life such a treat. ... We also have a book for Cat Lovers.


Hardcover with wibalin quarter bind; 6.75”W x 7.25”H; 48 pages

When You Love a Dog -Book for Dog Lovers Everywhere

SKU: CMP1002
  • Our Books celebrate the relationships that matter most and let a friend or loved one know just how much their presence means. There are people who make life better, through small acts and grand gestures. Honor the difference they make, and share your heartfelt thanks.

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