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Red Copper and Brass Patina Earrings. Red Patina Embossed Wavy Pattern. Earring wires are nickel and cadmium free. These copper patina earrings are designed in Georgia and handcrafted by artisans in India.

Red Copper Patina Earrings - Red Patina Embossed Wavy Pattern

SKU: AJU1000-Red
  • These brass patina earrings are unique and stylish accessories that add a touch of vintage charm to any outfit. The earrings are handcrafted from brass, a metal known for its durability and warm golden hue. The brass has undergone a patina treatment, which is a natural process that creates an aged and weathered appearance on the surface of the metal.

    Brass patina earrings, handcrafted by artisans. Earring wires are nickel and cadmium free.

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