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Just in time for Halloween. Spooky graveyard scene with two tiny hand-painted pumpkin jack-o-lantern heads around two gravestones for “One-Eyed-Jack” and “Two-Toed Toots”! The wooden pumpkins and headstones are set in a black chipboard box with a black picket fence around it. The whole assemblage is kind of spooky. Perfect gift or table décor for Halloweens to come. One-of-a-kind. Made in America by hand.

Halloween Graveyard Scene Jack-o-Lantern and Headstone Assemblage Box

SKU: HG1003
  • This piece was made by Lopaka Designs (aka Bob) using found objects and craft stuff as the primary elements in the design. All Lopaka pieces are one-of-a-kind. We hope you will enjoy this product as much as Bob enjoyed creating it.

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