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This dog is a very friendly spice tin robot … or Bobot, as I like to call him … made out of an old vintage metal Schilling’s Cream of Tatar tin and some miscellaneous hardware from my shop. He is inspired by our long ago pet dog PAL … but since there can only ever be one “Pal,” I call him “Dog.” The little puppy is made from a variety of vintage found objects: spice tin body, conduit connector head, shaped aluminum ears, a long screw for his tail, larger bolts for legs and a red felt tongue. AND he sports a silver plate medallion around his neck with his name prominently displayed … DOG … just in case he gets lost. The dog robot measures about 3-3/4” long and 4” tall and 1-inch wide. One-of-a-kind and truly special, this DOG would make a great gift. He doesn’t do anything but stand there … but he is unique. Made in America by hand.

DOG the Spice Tin Pet Canine Robot Handmade Vintage Schilling’s Tartar Tin and S

SKU: STA3008
  • This piece was made by Lopaka Designs (aka Bob) using found objects as the primary elements in the design. All Lopaka pieces are one-of-a-kind. We hope you will enjoy this product as much as Bob enjoyed creating it.

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