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This World Colors Eco-Friendly set of pencils was developed to celebrate diversity and self-expression.


Celebrate creativity, inclusion, and self-expression with Faber-Castell World Colors EcoPencil Sets. Each set includes six super-soft, blendable skin tones that were developed using the expertise of makeup experts to create almost any skin shade, enabling children to improve their self-esteem and develop a strong identity by realistically expressing themselves in their own image. Skin tones were developed by makeup artists. Great idea to get kids started to be able to color inclusively.


Set of 15 pencils - This set includes 12 single-color pencils, one each of Bubblegum Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime, Yellow Green, Light Blue, Cerulean, Plum, Burnt Sienna, Black, and White, and three double-ended pencils containing six skin tones. Pencil wood made from certified sustainable forestry.

World Colors - 15 Colored EcoPencils - Special Skin Tones Included

SKU: FAB1030
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