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This is a metal art card designed as a memorial to the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris after the 2019 fire. It features a collage of an image of the cathedral, an eye made from an eyeglass lens and tears for the destruction that occurred to the church. The tin metal card has been given a window pattern from a stencil using gesso to give it a unique texture under the collage and treated with a patina. The tears are created using Faber-Castell gold liquid gem gels. On the back I have added a short news story about the disaster.

The card is about 3-inches by 6-inches. It comes with a wooden mini-easel that has been painted gold. All this is one-of-a-kind (except the wooden easel), made in America by hand. Great looking art piece that can also be included into other arts and crafts projects … attach it to the front cover of a book … frame it either alone or as part of a collection … integrate it into a larger collage or found object art work. BUT most of all it is in memory of the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris ... which will be rebuilt and renovated to its former glory.

Notre Dame de Paris Remembrance Card Found Object Collage Metal Art Card with M

SKU: STA3020
  • This piece was made by Lopaka Designs (aka Bob) using found objects as the primary elements in the design. All Lopaka pieces are one-of-a-kind. We hope you will enjoy this product as much as Bob enjoyed creating it.

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