The Compass Journal from Authentic Models is perfect for inquisitive little ones who are always searching for something new. The journal is an authentic and colorful design, the sturdy ring bound book features a built-in compass and plenty of pages for anyone to jot down thoughts, adventures and ideas.


Journaling in this well-designed notebook is like hearing weathered old-time deck-hands telling yarns, sharing their special secrets … to make a ship inside a bottle, to learn the ropes, how to best send a message in a bottle. Uniquely conceived and packaged … both gift and craft, educational and whimsical. For inquisitive minds… and keeps them busy for hours at a time. Great companion piece to the Traveler’s World Globe in a Box. Wonderful gift for kids ... of all ages ... and any inquisitive mind.


The journal is 5” x 8” and the attached compass is about 1.75" diameter.

Compass Journal from Authentic Models – MS010

SKU: AMD1001
  • Authentic Models revisits the worlds of 18th and 19th century explorers with accurate working replicas of the compasses, visionary aids, time-pieces and weather measuring devices they used. Beautifully crafted objects, these compasses let you have a go at manually identifying your position, direction and situation. These are all finely crafted items that are both great decorator items and functional instruments, as well as being great talking points, interesting and distinctive decor and impressive ornaments.