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Shiny brass Victorian style pocket or purse compass with a folding cover that locks. It has a nice floating compass dial that has a lock to keep the dial from moving while traveling. Measures 3.3” diameter and is highly polished brass. It comes packaged in a gift box.

Brass Pocket Compass with Cover from Authentic Models – CO003

SKU: AMD1005
  • Before the technological revolution, those who travelled the world by sea were dependent on accurately calibrated physical instruments to safely navigate their way. At the mercy of the tides, the weather and the earth’s rotation, mastering the great oceans called for skillful use of a whole range of tools, which were robustly constructed to withstand the rigours of life on the ocean waves.


    Authentic Models revisits the worlds of 18th and 19th century explorers with accurate working replicas of the compasses, visionary aids, time-pieces and weather measuring devices they used. Beautifully crafted objects, these compasses let you have a go at manually identifying your position, direction and situation. These are all finely crafted items that are both great decorator items and functional instruments, as well as being great talking points, interesting and distinctive decor and impressive ornaments.

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