Aloha This is a hand cut and assembled Affirmation Chime from Jendala. This powder-coated horizontal metal affirmation sign is approximately 2.5" x 7" and can be hung anywhere to inspire joy. Each chime includes several beads, a bell chime and a spiral  top for easy hanging. Total length is approximately 10-11" long. Aloha is not just for Hawaii. Aloha means love, nice to meet you, hello, goodbye, and more. It is the universal greeting of the Islands. You can have it at home with this chime.

ALOHA Affirmation Hanging Wind Chime by Jendala

SKU: JEN1002-Aloha
  • Created by artisan Jennifer Utsch, these pieces of metal are individually cut with a water jet and then powder-coated by hand. Using these techniques, Jennifer is able to support an environmentally safe and chemical free environment. Her product line is very simple, bold, colorful and expressive. We especially love the affirmation chimes and flags which ring positive messages into the environment. Beads and bells are selected from Sustainable Cooperatives in India and Indonesia from ethical and family run businesses.